FCZ2019 Competition Call




FCZ2019 Competition Call

[Deadline: 11.06.2019]

Festival CinemaZERO promotes a radical idea of “zero cinema”, founded essentially on the author’s autonomy: self-produced, personal and hyper-independent works, made by single artists or small groups, with common and easily accessible, or innovative and low cost, means of production.

This means that all those productions made in imitation of abused industrial and commercial models (be they fiction films, series, documentaries and so on) have no interest for this festival and the authors are invited not to submit this type of works.

CinemaZERO rejects, and in its own way reverses, the industrial cinema formulas both in the means of production and in the aesthetic and narrative models followed: it looks for an artisanal and experimental approach to the video work, demonstrating an individual and autonomous research on one’s own idea of cinema and on language, on themes, on structure, on direction and/or on the realization of one’s own work.

It is therefore not a competition limited to the evaluation of the economic conditions of production, but rather of a general idea of cinema based on essentiality and difference from the dominant models in today film industry.


Rules & Regulations

  1. competition

The FCZ competition has no theme, genre, or narrative formula limitations: the key issue is to share the principles of the «zero cinema» exposed in the premise of this call. Entry is free.

  1. production and no-budget

The FCZ competition does not have any rigid restrictions about the production methods of the participating works, which will be evaluated in relation to their overall “zero cinema” quality (in any case, the sending of works produced with public contributions or private sponsors is not recommended).

  1. author

In the case of participation of groups, collectives or organizations, the work must be entered in the competition with the responsibility of a single physical person, who will be the sole holder in case his or her work is awarded.

  1. registration

Participants must fill in all parts and with accurate and truthful information the on-line REGISTRATION FORM. It is also possible to register and submit works through ClickForFestivals.

The list of registered authors and titles will be available from 09.15 on the FCZ website. If you don’t find on the list your work 5 days from your registration, or in any case need a confirmation of your registration, please send an e-mail to info@festivalcinemazero.it.

  1. submission

The works can be submitted only by uploading them on an internet platform that allows the streaming view.

Works can be submitted through www.clickforfestivals.com or indicating the link to another streaming platform and the access password, if present, on the registration form. It is strongly recommended to keep private the view of the submitted works.

The sending of works, materials and documents by ordinary mail or attached to e-mails is not allowed. E-mails with attached materials or files will be deleted without being opened. In case of special needs and/or requests, please contact the organization.

  1. selected works

In case of selection, authors commit themselves to send the organization their work in its optimal resolution within three days of receiving the communication of selection (the sending method will be agreed via e-mail with the organization).

Only the selected authors are required to send extra material concerning the work and its author: bio and photo author, at least three images of the film in high resolution (no backstage), any note of direction and any other material considered of interest for informational and promotional purposes.

  1. soundtrack

Participants are strongly advised to use soundtracks authorized by their respective authors, i.e. music, protected or not protected by copyright, composed specifically for the work in competition or under creative commons protection (and allowed for uses of this kind). In fact, we remind you that the use of any piece of music, for any duration, is allowed only with the explicit permission from the author in any kind of video product, even if not for profit.

The organization is not responsible for the unauthorized use of music by the participants in the FCZ competition. Participants are in any case required to complete the part of the registration form about the soundtrack with all the requested information.

  1. year of production

It is advisable to register works made from 2016 onwards, however the year of production is not a reason for exclusion. We ask not to submit works already submitted to previous editions of FCZ competition.

  1. categories and duration

The FCZ competition consists of a single category: works of any kind (fiction, documentary, music video, video art, etc.) of a maximum duration of 20 minutes, titles included.

However, the longer works will be evaluated for a possible inclusion in the “out of competition” section of the Festival program.

  1. deadline

All entries (with a valid link) must be submitted no later than Wednesday 6 November 2019.


The works admitted to the Festival screenings will be selected at the discretion of the selection committee (whose members will be published on the festival website).

The evaluation of the selection committee will take into account the following elements:

  • proximity to the principles of “zero cinema” exposed in the premise of this call
  • “strength” of the project, both as regards its meaning and the idea of cinema proposed
  • originality and experimentality in artistic, thematic and narrative terms
  • reduced availability of technical resources, limited number of people involved in production and creativity in overcoming the production limits (productions with more than 10 people, actors apart, will be hardly considered for selection)
  • presence of an original soundtrack (and its qualitative evaluation)

The selected works will be presented during Festival CinemaZERO 2019, scheduled from 11.28 to 12.1 at Teatro Sanbàpolis in Trento. The winning works will be screened a second time during the final evening of the Festival.

By registering for the competition you are consenting to the free use and reproduction free of charge of the work submitted, by or on behalf of the organization and without further notification. You also consent the free use of video or photographic extracts of the work submitted for the duration of the festival and for any other initiative, review or publication of documentary and promotional nature.


Winners will receive a voucher for www.adcom.it online store.

The prize awarded by the critical jury for the best work in competition has a total value of 1.000 euros. The critical jury has the right to mention other deserving works in competition, without awarding any prize.

The prize awarded by the audience vote has a total value of 500 euros. If the most voted work is the same awarded by the critical jury, the prize will be assigned to the second classified.

All the winning authors are invited to attend the final evening of the Festival. The organization will evaluate whether to take charge of the travel expenses and will provide food and accommodation.


The entry is free. Each author can participate with more than one work (just one work for each author can be selected). The selection committee has the right not to admit to the competition (and therefore to the selection) the works whose submission lacks some of the required documentation and those that are not considered in line with the founding principles of the Festival CinemaZERO expressed in this call.

Acceptance of rules and regulation

Registration for the competition involves:

  • full acceptance of these rules and regulation
  • consent to the use and screening of the work submitted and/or of its video or promotional extracts for documentary and promotional publication.
  • consent to free use and free reproduction, by or on behalf of the organization and without further notice, of the work submitted and/or its video, photographic and textual extracts for any initiative, review or publication of a documentary and promotional nature even outside the Festival program.
  • the unconditional acceptance of the awarding of prizes by the organization.

For any exception not covered by this regulation, the organization reserves the right to take definitive decisions.

Communications to subscribers

All participants will be notified by e-mail the admission or exclusion from the Festival screenings (with the list of selected works), as well as the results of the competition, with authors and titles awarded.

For further informations: www.festivalcinemazero.it| info@festivalcinemazero.it

REGISTRATION FORM; Download competition call


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